At its 2015 Annual General Meeting, the following Committee was re-elected unopposed:  John Egan (President), Luke Isaacs (Vice-President), Julian Land (Treasurer), Shane Nichols (Secretary), and Peter Sproules (Committee). Under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012, the position of Public Officer no longer exists and is incorporated into the Secretary's role.

Some of the players who have been in our games since 2004 are listed here. Here is our final member list for 2015.

Club champions for 2016 were: 

          Champion Journeyman Sharpshooter    
        1st Phil Cooper (212 net) Shane Nichols (35 average) Nakia Firebrace (5 NTPs)    
        2nd Tyrone Walker (220 net) Phil Cooper (34 average)      
        3rd Alister Thorpe (221 net) Julian Land and Alister Thorpe equal (33 average)      

Club champions for 2015 were:

and for 2014:


Club Champion

Trevor Fleming 139 net

David Henderson 141 net

Shane Nichols 142 net


Shane Nichols 34 points

David Henderson 32 points

Phil Britten 30 points


John Egan at the IGAV Committee meeting 5 Jan 2012   Julian Land and Luke Isaacs reviewing this new website on 27 October 2011.

Luke is a PGA member.
  Shane Nichols hard at work at the Committee meeting on 27 October 2011