Many coppers and Phil Cooper waiting for the start  Shane Nichols and Matt Dooley  Marcus Stewart teeing off - not being watched by Ben Oliver but Greg Doueal is paying attention The 4th group - John Hess, Shane Nichols, Phil Edmunds and Peter Sproules The 5th group - Steve, Julian Land, Jacques Khouri and Peter Rowley - on the left is Riad Khouri  from the 6th group  William Khouri trying to avoid being photographed!    Look at all that sand! Shane missed the green on the par 3 12th - but no matter as he put this bunker shot to within 20cm (pic by Peter Sproules) Steve and Jacques got close on 16 - 2 birdies resulted. Coppers president Greg Dean with Shane Nichols - IGAV was unable to wrest the trophy from the coppers!